Faculty Detail
Smt. Suresh Bala Gogna
Name Smt. Suresh Bala Gogna
Subject Anthropology
Date of Birth  01-09-1958
Mobile No. 9415794592
Academic Qualifications M. Phil.
Academic Achievement Completed Ph.D. work and submitted
Research Topic Art of Jadupatta in Santhals
Non Academic Achievements Scholarship, Admission committee, Examination in charge, RUSA, IQAC
Commercial Achievement  
Professional Achievements  
Details of Research Publication  Articles on subject Anthropometry
Other Achievements Nil
Social Contributions Participation all Programs in College
Dr. Shiv Pal Singh
Name Dr. Shiv Pal Singh
Subject Sociology
Date of Birth  20-06-1965
Mobile No. 9451383569
Academic Qualifications BED, M phil., Ph.D.
Academic Achievement 05 International , 15 National seminar and Research Paper
Research Topic Psychological Study of  Dirdh Kalin Bandi in UP
Non Academic Achievements In charge of Admission, Mukhya Shasgtra, Sahayak Kendra Adhyaksh, College examinations, NAIK Samiti, Electrics, Cycle stand.
Commercial Achievement 01 Abhivinyashi and 03 Punascharya Pathya Kram, Rajkiya College Captan Ganj
Professional Achievements In charge of Basti and Rajkiya College
Details of Research Publication 09 Research Paper Published
Other Achievements Seminar of Women Empowerment in Badanyu College, NSS, Rovers - Rangers 
Social Contributions Lecture on Rastriya Ekta, Samajik Samrsta, Daiviya Apda, Scientific Views and National Value; Contribution in plantation
Dr. Suman Gupta
Name Dr. Suman Gupta
Subject Sociology
Date of Birth  23-08-1966
Mobile No. 9415514821
Academic Qualifications MA, M phil, Ph.D.
Academic Achievement 2 students Ph.D., Research Director
Research Topic Ek Samaj Shashtriya Adhyayn; Adjestment of working women
Non Academic Achievements Game in charge 6 year; Scholarship in charge; MA Admission in charge; NSS
Commercial Achievement Examination Committee
Professional Achievements  
Details of Research Publication 02 National, 25 National seminar
Other Achievements 02 Students rejis. for Ph.D.; Mukhya Nirvachan Adhikari by UP
Social Contributions Citation in 2012, 2013
Dr. Neha Jain
Name Dr. Neha Jain
Designation Assistant Professor (Sociology)
Subject Sociology
Mobile No. 9307789641, 8707656237
Academic Qualifications M.A., NET, Ph.D
Academic Activities Speaker/ Resource Person - 02 Events
Convener - 01 (National Seminar sponsored by ICSSR)
Webinar - 01 (Theme- Socio-Psychological Effects of Lockdown)
Invitee Lecture - 03
Published Books – 01 (Edited)
Books in press - 01
Chapters in Books - 05
Published Papers - 03
Papers in Seminar Proceedings - 01
International Seminars -
National Seminars – 30
Workshops – 02
Teaching Quality Improvement Programme - 02
Other Activities Articles in Print Media
Facebook Page - Sociological Discourse
You Tube Channel - Jain Neha
Dr. Pragya Mishra
Name Dr. Pragya Mishra
Designation Assistant Professor (Mathematics)
Qualification M.Sc. (Mathematics), Ph.D. NET (JRF) (2002)
Specialization Applied Mathematics
Date of Joining 10-09-2013
Research and Publication 08 Research Paper
01 Book Revised
03 Book Chapters
Achievements 1. Get medal for highest marks in Mathematics (B.Sc. I)
2. Got Special Prize for Paper Presentation in national Seminar, organized by Deptt. of  Mathematics Lucknow University, (2002)
3. Got second prize in Paper Presentation in International Seminar, organized by GDC, Aashiyana, Lucknow
Dr. Akhilesh Kumar
Name  Dr. Akhilesh Kumar
Subject Physics  
Date of Birth 22-07-1972
Mobile No. 9412937560
Academic Qualifications MSC, D. Phil. (Alla. University. ) PGDCA, JRF- NET, SRF-NET
Academic Achievement (1) Got Silver Medal in (Alla. University). MSC exam.
(2) Got 5 Position in (Purvanchal University).
(3) Got summer research B.SC Exam.
Research Topic  CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS (Semi conductor Nano materials)
Non Academic Achievements  
Commercial Achievement Research paper of 03 International journals
Professional Achievements Life Membership of 05 Professional Bodies Such as IAPT, ISCA, TETE, MRSI, IPA
Details of Research Publication 03 Student Awarded D. phil. Degree Under my supervision 02 Enrolled Participated & Presented Paper in 60 Confession 28 Paper published, in International National Journals, 1 Minor Project & 1 Major Project Completed.
 Approved Research Supervisor in 04 Universities
Other Achievements (1) Worked as resource person in International Physics Olympiad.
(2) Worked as expects, Evaluator Item writer, Paper setter in various University & Public Service Commission Examination.
Social Contributions  
Dr. Geeta Mehra
Name Dr. Geeta Mehra
Subject Psychology  
Date of Birth 25-06-1964
Mobile No. 9415109236
Academic Qualifications M.A, Ph.D.
Academic Achievement One year proficiency course of German lang. from L.U
Research Topic Employees Participation Occupational Stress and Mental Health as Factors Related to the Job Satisfaction of Blue Collar Industrial Workers.
Non Academic Achievements One Orientation course   and 2 Refresher course Participated in poster Presentation from LU,  of Indian Science Congress [5-01-2000].
Commercial Achievement Psychological Consultation of needy person
Professional Achievements B.A III .Member of Admission committee, S Discipline and help of Environment Saving Life membership -journal of community Psychology  from Faizabaad.                                                                                      
Details of Research Publication 9 Research Paper Published
Other Achievements Qualification Research; Creating Meanings- Subject on Psychology, Workshop from LU [13-March 19 -March 2016], participate in stop suicide event  in[ 10 sep 2015] from LU.
Social Contributions Psychological consulting of needy person
Dr. Rasmi Shrivastwa
Name Dr. Rasmi  Shrivastwa
Subject Home Science  
Date of Birth 20-01-1970
Mobile No. 9452019819
Academic Qualifications MSC, Ph.D., [Home science ]
Academic Achievement Diploma Computer Application , NET [I CAR] NET [UGC] impact  of environment factors of  stress on work and family  activities of working and non working Kanpur city.
Research Topic  
Non Academic Achievements Member of Navnirman Association kanpur 
(1) Silai kadhai by WACRA  for 15 day year 1996-97.
Commercial Achievement Many types business courses every year in college  Member of Academic asso  in UP .
Professional Achievements 1. Member of Board studies Home Science[ LU]
2. Member of  Research committee H.S [LU]
3. Member of H.S Asso. of India
4. Member  of Agriculture  Committee Karnal                                                                          
Details of Research Publication 04 Research Paper [National journal]
02 Research paper [seminar]
Other Achievements Research Directory of  2 students
Social Contributions  
Dr. Reeta Agnihotri
Name Dr. Reeta Agnihotri
Subject English
Date of Birth 10-7-1967
Mobile No. 9450980668
Academic Qualifications M.A., M. Phil, Ph.D.
Academic Achievement  Topped in English
Research Topic "Sin and Expiation in the plays of T.S Eliot "
Non Academic Achievements Scholarship  in charge, RUSA Committee Member
Commercial Achievement Discipline in college
Professional Achievements Member of Magazine publication in college                                                                    
Details of Research Publication Published Research paper of seminar
Other Achievements Help of weak student in college 
Social Contributions Consular of NSS
Social Contributions  
Dr. Priyanka Sharma
Name Dr. Priyanka Sharma
Subject History
Date of Birth 10-10-1972
Mobile No. 8175053662
Academic Qualifications M.A. , Ph.D.
Academic Achievement  National Scholarship in B.A, NET, JRF
Research Topic Social Issue As Reflected in the Writings of Gandhi Ji
Non Academic Achievements Admission Committee, Scholarship Committee , Program officer- NSS, Cultural Program Committee
Commercial Achievement  
Professional Achievements                                                                  
Details of Research Publication 2 Publication in Journals
Other Achievements  
Social Contributions  
Dr. Rachna
Name Dr. Rachna
Subject  Hindi
Date of Birth 15-01-1981
Mobile No. 9721227627
Academic Qualifications M.A , P.H.D , B.E.D , Slat , J.R.F
Academic Achievement  
Research Topic  Female Subject in Fiction of Agyey and Jaynendra
Non Academic Achievements  
Commercial Achievement  
Professional Achievements    P.G Teaching 4 Year, U.G Teaching  11 Year,  Professional Development Course.                                        
Details of Research Publication 29 National Research Paper, 2 International Research Paper.
Other Achievements  
Social Contributions Hindi Divas program for Social Samrasta